Kate Middleton Debuts Her ‘Stunningly Slim Post-Baby Body’ In Her Local Grocery Store Parking Lot

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Craig Harris/

Craig Harris/

Kate Middleton may be able to officially cite “princess” as her occupation but she’s doing her own post-baby grocery shopping in her hometown of Anglesey, Wales. Given that she has recently birthed a child and has left her house, obviously a BIG round of post-baby body inspection is in order. But according to the tabloid’s arbitrary assessment of what constitutes an acceptable post-baby body, K Middy has passed with flying princess colors.

Us Weekly reports that the Duchess of Cambridge “revealed her stunningly slim post-baby body” at her local Waitrose supermarket. Obviously a head to toe survey of the Duchess’s entire appearance follows. Don’t forget to inspect every angle now:

Dressed casually in a white and black striped shirt, black skinny jeans, flats and her hair pulled up in a ponytail, Middleton showed off her thin frame (and completely flat stomach!) as she pushed a shopping cart in the store’s parking lot.

Lest that “completely flat stomach” WITH an exclamation point didn’t sanction K Middy’s body enough, “a source” says that the weight is just falling off of the Duchess like Miley Cyrus‘s clothes at the VMAs:

“She’s hardly done anything to lose the weight . . . She looks incredible,” a Middleton family source tells Us Weekly. “Kate’s still breastfeeding and the small weight she gained while pregnant has just melted off. She’s not dieting. After giving birth, she did continue with her yoga.”

Cue the ladies who say breastfeeding didn’t help them lose an ounce.