I Love How Kate Middleton Totally Used The Occupation ‘Princess’ When Registering The Prince’s Birth

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royal baby picsOne of the gripes I sometimes hear from some Mommyish readers upon properly investigating Kate Middleton‘s chic pregnancy shawls or her many maternity looks is that she is not a “princess.” That she is a “duchess.” While I’m fully aware of K Middy’s title, as well as her son’s title, as well as her husband’s title, she is nevertheless a princess of princessy parameters. And given how Kate handled some recent paperwork regarding Prince George’s birth, she apparently agrees with me.

Us Weekly reports that when the new mom went to go officially register Prince George, she and husband Prince William had to sign the birth register at Kensington Palace. As the Registrar from Westminster Register Office looked on, K Middy reportedly signed her occupation as “Princess of the United Kingdom.” BOOM. What’s my job? Why being a princess, dear sir. Has much more of a kick to it than duchess, I think. Doesn’t quite tap deeply enough into the imagery of tiaras and elaborately coiled buns.

What would have made this only 30 percent more awesome would be if she had doused the form in glitter and asked that someone test her Evian. Either that or worn a massive Marie Antoinette style ball gown to the Register Office, having arrived in a horse and carriage.

(photo: WENN)