Jessica Biel’s MIL Jacking Her Wedding May Not Bode Well For Her Marriage

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Jessica BielJessica Biel seems like a pretty laid-back woman. I’ve never heard her get overly emotional in an interview. As a star that’s relationship get scrutinized constantly in tabloids, Biel doesn’t seem to complain or whine about the obsessive paparazzi and media coverage like other celebrities. The lady even admits that her now-husband, Justin Timberlake, handles the majority of her fashion choices. But even the most easy-going of brides would have to struggle if reports from the Chicago Sun-Times about the couple’s wedding are true. They claim that Timberlake’s mother, Lynn Harless, basically controlled the entire wedding.

I’m not trying to encourage bridezilla behavior, but weddings should be about the couple’s wishes, no matter what family members have to say. And according to sources, Jessica wanted a small, intimate wedding with just close friends and family present. It was Lynn who thought her son needed something more extravagant, like a 100-person bash in Italy. I’m sorry to tell Jessica, but if your MIL is calling the shots already, things just aren’t going to get better.

A source who was close to the actress but probably won’t be after selling information to the press said Jessica understands, ““that Lynn is a very powerful factor in Justin’s life and, if she wants to have a smooth marriage, she has to have Lynn in her corner. … A big part of that is letting Lynn have her way.” Lynn is her son’s co-manager, handles his finances, and runs his charitable foundation.

The mother-in-law dynamic is always a touchy one. I feel blessed on a daily basis to have a really amazing relationship with my husband’s mother. But I have to admit that I would be extremely nervous if she had attempted to plan my wedding, and thereby start our relationship, by taking charge and ignoring my wishes. The only request my MIL made was to be invited to my wedding. (Even that was iffy. We talked about eloping.)

Weddings, as much as they are family celebrations, should be all about the couple involved. They aren’t about statements of wealth or throwing a great party or entertaining your guests. It’s nice if you can do that too, but the reason you have a wedding is to stand in front of people you care about and make a vow to love and honor another person. There are only two people standing there, committing to each other. There should only be two people’s opinions that matter when it comes to a wedding. You shouldn’t use that as an excuse to demand outrageous things from your friends and family and you shouldn’t use your wedding as an adventure in dictatorship. But I think there’s a balance to be struck.

It’s possible that the entire news report is bogus. Maybe Jessica really wanted her “magical” Italian wedding. Maybe she really just didn’t care. But if there’s any validity to the idea that Lynn Harless took over her son’s wedding and ignored his bride’s preferences, let me just say that I wish Biel the very best of luck in the future. And if the couple ever decides to have children, Lord help Biel when it comes to parenting with that kind of controlling MIL watching over your back.

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