Mommyish Poll: How Do You ‘Stoga’ ?

Here at Mommyish, we’re not huge proponents of illegal activities but our stoga party story on mom getting high and doing a little yoga (or stoga) has received some really interesting feedback. The Mommyish staff is thinking that’s in part because mothers can all appreciate those few moments of peace and quiet where they can enjoy themselves. Some mothers do the glass of wine after work bit while others retire to watch their guilty pleasure TV undisturbed. But whether you read a book, hit the gym, or treat yourself to a piece of chocolate cake, we want more details about how you relax from the demands of motherhood. If you’re not getting stoned and doing downward dog, what’s are you doing?

[b5poll id=”bce0ffbc8ba1e2be94ac3aa29f5aacfd”].

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