‘Power Moms’ Are Influencing Everything From Products To Politics

A new book is coming out to celebrate the potency of the “Power Mom”. We’ve talked about this burgeoning demographic before. “Power Moms” are a marketers interpretation of modern mothers who are both technologically savvy and still involved in their children’s lives. This “Soccer Mom” update has an iPhone, a Twitter account and probably does a little blogging in her spare time.

Moms have long been attracting advertiser eyes, ever since people wised up to who made the purchasing decisions in a household. For years, marketers have been trying to understand what makes women tick. (Mel Gibson made it look so easy, too!) Now, companies are hoping that moms won’t just buy their products, they’ll “Like” them on Facebook, recommend them to friends and turn every organic cleaner and hip mini-van into the talk of the town.

The popularity of a woman’s buying power seems to be influencing more than just product line-ups and marketing schemes. Maria Bailey’s new book isn’t just focusing on mothers as mini-billboards, its looking into mother’s political clout as well. With major mommas like Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz dominating the political landscape, many are wondering how mothers will effect the nation’s politics. Are “Power Moms” contributing to the rise of these influential ladies? I’m not sure we have enough information to know yet.

But there are some “Power Mom” factoids that I found particularly interesting. 75% of “Power Moms” who blog hold a leadership role in their home community. So not only are these ladies endorsing products online, they could be sharing them with their friends IRL. Also, “65% of moms confess to discussing politics with other mothers”. I find “confess” to be an odd word choice here, because I’m not sure why we should be ashamed of discussing our thoughts on politics. But at the same time, its interesting that we’re starting to open up about our political leanings instead of avoiding conversations that could potentially lead to passionate opinions and disagreements.

It may only be a marketing term, but it doesn’t look like “Power Moms” are going anywhere. So gear up ladies, your voices are going to continue to be important. Let’s try to wield our power for a good cause!

(Photo: Babble)

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