Awkward Family Phone Call: Obama’s Uncle Gets His License Back Following Drunk Driving

obama's uncleNot one among us lives in a family in which some relative somewhere hasn’t made a mistake. Whether it was endangering their own life or the lives of others, a family member who struggles with addiction or just recklessness is hardly an anomaly — even for President Obama whose drunk driving uncle was handed back his license, or rather some form of it.

Onyango Obama, a 67-year-old from Kenya, was given a hardship license from Massachusetts that allows him to drive between the hours of noon and midnight for the sake of his job. The manager of a Framingham liquor store was arrested in August of last year and lost his driving privileges for 45 days as of last week.

According to The Washington Post, Obama’s uncle is enrolled in an alcohol treatment program currently and is appealing a deportation order. But I’m sure being the half brother to President Obama’s deceased father may come with a very accessible set of strings to be pulled.

Perhaps a congratulatory phone call from his nephew and commander-in-chief is in order?

(photo: WENN)

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