Tori Spelling Asks NBF Sarah Palin If She’ll Have More Children

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tori spellingTori Spelling has a new best friend and her name is Sarah Palin. The pair bonded over motherhood on the Today show and I have to say, it felt like a total Saturday Night Live parody. I mean, it was just so random! Palin debuted as Today co-host, which explains why she was there. Spelling was there to promote her new book, CelebraTORI, about how to to entertain family and friends (I know, I know). Anyway, towards the end of the segment, the two moms started chatting about motherhood.

Spelling is pregnant with her fourth, and it really blows people’s minds to hear that her youngest is just five months old. So Palin, herself a mother of five, asks Spelling, “Just four?” and then advises her to “keep going, the more the merrier!”

She then tells Spelling, “You’re a real good example, a good inspiration for others, Tori. Accomplishing so much and having fun; you’re living life vibrantly.” That’s when the real bonding begins. Spelling says she’s not getting any sleep but is “loving every second if it” anyway, then Palin tells her to savor the moment:  “It sounds cliche, but trust me, it goes by way too quickly. Our oldest turns 23 this month, our youngest turns four. We’ve got three girls in between and it goes by quickly.”

It’s as if someone wrote a script for these two! It’s all so precious and I was about to tune out until Spelling holds up a finger and asks Palin, “One more?” (Looks like someone strayed from the script.) A clearly flustered Palin responds, “Uh, no, the grandkids will come next.”

Check out the video and see for yourself how amusing this entire exchange really is – and how motherhood can bond the most unlikely pair.


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