4-Year-Old Stops Breathing In Flight Thanks To Jerk Who Ignores Warnings And Opens A Bag Of Peanuts

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shutterstock_124758385__1408104865_142.196.167.223A 4-year-old with a severe nut allergy nearly died this week when a fellow passenger on her flight ignored three separate warnings the cabin crew made about her condition and opened a snack bag of nuts he brought on the plane. Did he think they were lying? Overreacting? Fae Platten had to be revived by an emergency injection when she stopped breathing on the Ryanair flight.

The cabin crew made it very clear how serious her condition was; they told people they would not be selling nuts and directed passengers not to open any packages of nuts they had with them. Just 20 minutes into the flight, a man sitting four rows behind the family opened a bag anyway. Even after a passenger sitting next to him reminded him about the warning and implored him not to open the bag, the man – who is a father of two by the way – said he’s open them “if he wanted to.”

Katy Platten, the girl’s mom, says her daughter began scratching her face and complaining that it hurt. The cabin crew tried to help, but her breathing started to slow and her tongue became swollen and her lips blistered. They had to administer her EpiPen for the first time, ever. Luckily there was an ambulance worker on board who assisted them. The injection revived her, but she was left with the blistered lips and swollen tongue. All because some jerk had to eat peanuts. The airline banned him from flying with them for two years. The little girl is so terrified by what happened, she’s told her parents she never wants to go on an airplane again.

The circulating air made it impossible for her to escape the peanut particles in the air which is why she became sick so fast. I can’t people who don’t take food allergies seriously. I know we hear a lot of stories about parents being over-the-top when it comes to their children and food – but when there is a serious medical condition – it needs to be taken seriously. There are no mentions of any charges in any of the news coverage of the incident, but I think he should have been charged with something, honestly. He deliberately ignored serious warning and could have killed this girl.

Kudos to Kae’s parents for holding it together and not assaulting this man when they landed. I’m not sure I could have shown that kind of restraint if someone nearly killed my child because he had a snack attack.

(photo: Hong Vo/ Shutterstock)