A Baby’s Hilarious Reaction to Her Aunt’s Appearance Is Raising Awareness for Epilepsy

Having epilepsy can be very difficult. Besides managing the symptoms and medications, you also have to undergo all sorts of tests. A young woman and her nine-month-old niece have captivated the internet ””and helped raised epilepsy awareness ”” with a series of tweets that have gone massively viral.

Twenty-year-old Jordyn Smith has epilepsy, and she recently had to undergo a three-day electroencephalogram, or EEG, to detect her brain’s electrical activity. Jordyn explained to the Independent that EEGs ”See where your seizures are coming from or if you have any abnormal brain activity.”

EEG Time
Image: Twitter / @jorrdyyyy

Jordyn’s niece, nine-month-old Amina, couldn’t wrap her little mind around why her aunt looked so crazy. Jordyn snapped photos of her niece’s hilarious reactions and shared them on Twitter.

viral tweet
Image: Twitter / @jorrdyyyy

I mean. Look at this face.

you look funny
Image: Twitter / @jorrdyyyy
what the
Image: Twitter / @jorrdyyyy
can't stop looking
Image: Twitter / @jorrdyyyy

Twitter immediately went nuts for little Amina, turning her into a meme.

mmmm fries
Image: Twitter / @LouisKarsenbarg
what did you say?
Image: Twitter / @AlexanderBGault
oh crap
Image: Twitter / @GoochWitDa40

This is why I love the internet.

Jordyn said she was stunned when the tweet went viral. She said she was, “Kind of hesitant to post it at first because I looked terrible ”¦ but I thought my niece looked so cute so I posted it.”

Besides the LOLs at little Amina, many other people reached out to Jordyn to express solidarity. ”Of course a lot of people thought it was funny, but so many people messaged me saying they had epilepsy or they had the same tests done, so they felt my pain,” Jordyn said. ”It was raising a bit of awareness for epilepsy which made me really happy.”

”It made me feel really good I’m really glad that it touched people in more than a funny way.”

 (Image: Twitter / @jorrdyyyy)

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