Nine-Year-Old Princess Elisabeth Of Belgium Should Be Your Daughter’s Role Model

She may be around the same age as your little one, but Princess Elisabeth has revealed herself to quite the remarkable little girl. Unlike most young girls who snag our headlines, Princess Elisabeth has not appeared in a highly sexualized pictorial, nor is she in the spotlight for getting cosmetic surgery. This nine-year-old gave a speech to a room full of  adults at the opening of a new children’s hospital named after her.

Princess Elisabeth took to the podium in a very age appropriate dress, welcoming her guests with the following opening — in Dutch:

”Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very happy that I can give my name to this new children’s hospital today. Together with you, I hope that many children will find help here. I know they can count on your daily commitment. The Princess Elisabeth Children’s Hospital now gets a special place in my heart.”

This was the little princess’s first speech and she was no doubt assisted by adults in her presentation. But in a culture where little girls are constantly being told that they aren’t smart enough to do basic math, are only valued if they’re skinny, and in some places in the world, considered worthless burdens on their families, girls like Princess Elisabeth rarely get mentioned. While all of the aforementioned issues are always important topics for discussion, it’s worth taking note of a young girl who isn’t in the news for an eating disorder but rather for being smart, eloquent, and poised.

Princess Elisabeth with her parents, Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde.

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