Ali Lohan Signs Modeling Contract, Dina Lohan Succeeds In Pimping Out Another Daughter

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For parents who aspire to see their child’s name in lights, ascending fame can be quite sobering. What started off as a perhaps just a wish for more opportunities can quickly tailspin into a life that no real parents wants to see their child exposed to, including substance abuse, body image issues, severe fractures to self-esteem, and run-ins with the law. Such is the life and times of child star Lindsay Lohan who quickly became a notorious partier and train wreck in her teens and 20s. You may then ask why Dina Lohan has forked another one of her babes to be sacrificed on the altar of fame, as her 17-year-old daughter Ali Lohan has signed a multi-year modeling contract with NEXT.

E! reports that Ali is taking this as strategic opportunity to distance herself from her sister’s troubled career:

“In fashion, Ali will set herself apart as a bona fide icon,” NEXT director Alexis Borges exclusively tells E! News. “One that fashion fans will follow not because of her famous last name, but because of the beautiful images and fashion trends she is helping create.”

Ali has been modeling for awhile and Lindsay herself was a child model herself before getting into films. Still, even if young Ali is looking to create a different career for herself in the public eye, Dina’s consent on having another daughter in the spotlight doesn’t demonstrate much hesitancy.