When I Had A Baby I Didn’t Get A Box Of Prizes – All I Got Were Stupid Formula Samples

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New Parents In Finland Get A Baby BoxAll you pregnant mamas! You must go to Finland post haste to give birth! It sounds like you get an entire box filled with goodies other than what we get in Americuh’ – which is usually some formula samples and possibly some of those extra plastic disposable pads which are actually quite useful for diaper changes. New parents in Finland get a baby box. From Care2:

 Seventy-five years ago, Finland began giving new families in need a baby box: a cardboard box full of supplies to help them care for their newborn baby. Think of it as a parenthood starter kit. The box contains clothing (including cold-weather clothes, like a snowsuit); baby toiletries, like nail clippers and a bath towel; cloth diapers; a baby book and teething rings; and nursing pads and condoms for mom and dad.

The coolest part? Not only is the box full of goodies, but the box itself has a soft mattress inside, so parents can use it as a safe bassinet for their newborns.

How cool is that? Finland has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world because parents who have the box no longer sleep with their babies, thus reducing the risk of SIDS. I’m a huge advocate of co-sleeping, and with this box you could probably just put it next to you on the bed instead of worrying about rolling over on your baby. This whole thing just sounds so pro-parent, like they really want to give parents the things they need so they can get off to a good start. We don’t get these sorts of perks here, at least I didn’t, and I asked my co-worker Maria Guido who just had a baby what she got when she left the hospital:

I got as many diapers as I could shove in my bag, a few formula gift bags (I left the formula behind and took the bags and coolers) a thermometer, some desitin and a baby.

I’m totally glad they let her take her baby, but no condoms? No box that turns into a bed? My fellow Americans, we have been robbed. Considering how much it costs to have a baby I think we deserve much better prizes than this. I’m sure if you stay at one of those chichi NYC hospitals that offer three thousand dollar a night birthing suites you get a lot more than one of those snot-suckers, maybe like a Kiehl’s gift bag or something.

All I got were some diapers, formula samples and a coupon for nipple cream.

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