New JELL-O Flavors We’re Jealous We Didn’t Have When We Were Growing Up


There’s a reason the sight of that wobbly red brings you back to when you were a kid: helping parents set JELL-O molds or prepping that signature mix has been a cornerstone of childhood for an entire generation of adults. But our children will come to know a fancier, more delicious array of flavors than we could have ever imagined from our own high-chairs. From OREO Snacks to Strawberry Cheesecake, JELL-O‘s new decadent flavors are no longer just a favorite with kids; they’re quickly becoming a favorite with moms, too.

It was a hard decision, but we’ve picked out which of the new JELL-O flavors we can’t wait to gobble up. What’s your favorite?


This post was sponsored by JELL-O.

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