Netflix Is Rebooting The Baby-Sitters Club!

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We’ll be the first to admit – there are some things from our childhood and adolescence that should never again see the light of day. We don’t need to relive the fluorescent clothing and bike shorts. No one, and we mean NO ONE, needs scrunchies to match their outfits. Glitter jellies? Keep ’em. But there are also parts of our childhood that still hold a very special place in our hearts. Certain songs, movies, and books that still top our list of favs twenty years later. For a lot of us, The Baby-Sitters Club series of books is one of those favs. So when the news broke yesterday that Netflix would be rebooting our beloved series for a 10-episode show? Well, we just about peed ourselves. “Say hello to your friends: the Baby-Sitters Club”!

The Baby-Sitters Club by Ann M. Martin centered on the friendships and working relationships between a group of young girls in the late 80’s.

The club consisted of the core board of the club: Kristy, Stacey, Claudia, Dawn, and Mary Anne, plus junior officers Jessi and Mallory. There were also a couple of associate and alternate members. Much of our childhood was spent trying to decide which BSC character we were. Everyone wanted to be a Claudia or Kristy, but let’s be honest, most of were Mary Anne. The book series was MASSIVE – there are 131 books, plus related titles like the mysteries and special editions. And you know what? We read every single one of them. Was there anything better than heading to the Scholastic Book Fair at lunch and buying three new BSC books? No. No, there was not.

The series has been given the screen treatment before, both with a limited series on HBO in 1990 and a movie in 1995. We watched the series AND the movie, and while they probably wouldn’t hold up very well nowadays, they were fantastic in our tween opinion. But we needed some new life, right? If there’s one series that was just begging to be rebooted, it was The Baby-Sitters Club.

We don’t have a lot of details about the new Baby-Sitters Club, but what we do have is already exciting.

The family series is being produced by Walden Media, who brought us The Chronicles of Narnia. Michael De Luca and Lucy Kitada are signed on to produce, and Ann M. Martin will also be involved in the project. Each episode will be a half hour, and the show will focus on the friendships between the girls, as they navigate running a business while growing up. The girls will face issues relevant to today’s teens, like divorce, racism, and inclusion. No word yet on which decade the show will take place or what the cast will look like. But honestly, we’ll take the reboot in any form. Also no word on when this amazing piece of television history will be released.

Netflix is seriously killing it lately, and we are SO FREAKING EXCITED for the new Baby-Sitters Club. Now to find and reread all 131 books before it comes out.