Why Vagina Cleaning Fads Are Unnecessary and Harmful

If the latest beauty trends tell us anything, it’s that there is something wrong with our vaginas. I’m here to tell you that is not true. Your vagina is wonderful, beautiful, and, most importantly, supposed to be smelly. So ignore the vagina cleaning fads, you don’t need them!

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Hygiene trends suggest that vaginas aren’t supposed to smell or have discharge, but biologically, that isn’t true, according to The Conversation. Vagina cleaning is a complete waste of your time (and potentially harmful!).

Cleansing, douching, and other strange forms of vagina cleaning may actually be doing a lot more harm than good. What’s more, these products are simply promoting the idea that a vagina is supposed to smell like flowers. Don’t fall for it!


The vagina is its own little ecosystem, like forest inside your body. It’s full of healthy bacteria that provide natural lubrication and help guard against sexually transmissible infections. This forest is influenced by hormones, so it can change a bit month to month. All of this combined creates the COMPLETELY NATURAL AND HEALTHY discharge and odor that you get.

Vaginas are self-cleaning! They take care of themselves. Your discharge can vary for a number of reasons, including what you decide to put in your vagina that month. For example, everything from tampons to penises to sex toys can influence the natural environment of your vagina.

As for the odor, a healthy vagina smells! If you feel as though your vagina is too smelly, it might not be your vagina at all, but the number of sweat glands and pubic hair you have downstairs. So, make sure you wash the outside of the area, but not the inside.

If you do decide to use one of the many vagina cleaning products out there, you might want to consider what they are doing to the natural environment of your vagina. Many products kill the healthy bacteria found inside, while others can completely dry out the entire area. This can not only hurt your sex life but can remove the natural barrier your vagina has against infections. You could be putting your health at risk by “cleaning” your V.

As for this new ”v-steam” craze, Gwyneth Paltrow is promoting, it could cause some serious vaginal harm. Having hot air blown into your hoo-ha could, at the very least, cause some serious vagina burns! I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to experience that in my lifetime.

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