Surprise, Surprise – Teacher Suspended For Posting Half-Naked Pictures On Twitter Is Backed By Students

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Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 8.55.08 AMIs there a heterosexual teenage boy in existence who wouldn’t support his young, attractive teacher disrobing on social media? I don’t think so. That’s why I am not surprised there is a huge movement on Twitter in support of Carly McKinney – the teacher who posted semi-nude pictures on Twitter and was put on paid leave.

The 23-year-old teacher created an account and went by the name “Crunk Bear.” In addition to posting semi-nude photos, she also posted pictures of herself smoking what looks like marijuana and joked about having drugs on school grounds and being high while grading papers. When will people learn that a public Twitter page is public? This woman is way too stupid to be teaching our youth.

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Her page has since been closed, so this group of photos was pulled off a students Twitter page.  I’m not a prude, but I don’t want this woman teaching my teenagers anything. Not because she has fantastic abs or a pretty smile, but because she is too dense to realize that posting pictures of herself doing a handstand in a g-string and smoking marijuana might get her fired.

Students have taken to Twitter in support of the teacher, using the hashtags #freecrunkbear and #expressyourself.  A fake page has spawned from her account – and it has 25,000 followers. It’s pretty confusing, because although news reports claim her original page is closed, all of her original page’s photos exist on this new account. Someone posing as her is now posting pics in lingerie and tweeting things a la “what would Crunk Bear do?”

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It’s really not surprising that students everywhere are supporting her plight. A half-naked, weed smoking, young teacher would be the coolest thing, ever. When I was in high school we used to have a photography teacher that would let students get stoned in the darkroom. Had social media existed, I’m sure the same kind of Twitter movement would have happened in his honor had he been put on leave.

That’s the thing about teenagers – sometimes they don’t have the best judgement. They aren’t looking at this woman thinking, “Oh my God. What a pathetic loser.” That’s why they need to be guided by those who have the common sense to keep their g-strings and drug habits to themselves.

Something tells me this woman won’t be getting her job back.