Let’s Talk About All The Crap I’m Going To Let My Kids Eat Today During The Superbowl

shutterstock_69617239Are you ready for some football? If by football you mean am I ready to eat a mess of junk food and watch some amazingly expensive television commercials and BEYONCE then yes, yes I am! And my kids are ready too, because my daughter woke me at six a.m. this morning asking if it was time to eat the king’s cake I purchased for breakfast, and I think she mainly wants it because this bread is bedecked in mardi gras beads and  fake gold coins. I love Super Bowl Sunday you guys. My refrigerator is filled with beer and we have takeaway pulled barbecue pork to pick up and I will be making something involving cheese and salsa and tortilla chips. Plus, cupcakes. Plus, that super gross and by gross I mean amazingly good onion dip and salty potato chips.

I know, I know, childhood obesity, diabetes, sodium intake blah blah blah. I also have carrot and celery sticks! It’s just a fun day and by fun day I mean that I will let my kids eat bad Superbowl food because tomorrow they can go back to eating a more sensible diet and you should not judge me because we will also have whole wheat pita bread and hummus! This is where you all need to comment about what junk food you will be consuming so I don’t feel like the total worst mom ever and I have no shame about letting my kids spread a blanket on the floor and eat garbage for dinner.

We will play board games and switch off between the Super Bowl and the PUPPY Bowl and I will end up letting them stay up a bit later than usual. Baths will be had early in the day and backpacks will be checked. Lunches will be made and my coffee maker programmed and I may let myself drink more than one beer. And if tomorrow I end up shoving a leftover cupcake into their lunch bag or a ziploc full of leftover chips in there too, you can rest assured I will also add some veggie sticks. Because even though we may not be the biggest football fans in this house, we sure do like a good party.

(Photo: Cheryl Casey/shutterstock)

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