25 Secrets Your Nail Technician Wishes You Already Knew

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Re-doing glitter nail polish can be difficult for them too.

manicurist secrets

Images: Giphy / Beauty High

Even though manicurists are professionals, even they can experience hurdles when dealing with clients’ nails (glitter nail polish always give a bit of a challenge!) Instead of purchasing expensive glitter nail polish remover, you can use cotton balls, acetone, and aluminum foil. Soak the cotton balls in acetone and place the aluminum foil over the nails for five minutes before you take the glitter off your nails. Use cotton balls with acetone to take off more glitter and soak your nails in water for a couple of minutes. Then use a glue and water mixture to peel off the remaining of glitter from your nails. Your manicurist would definitely thank you for making their job so much easier.

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