25 Secrets Your Nail Technician Wishes You Already Knew

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Do not move your hand.

Manicurist secrets

Images: Giphy / Brett Eldredge

You probably go to the salon so that you can get close-to-perfect nails. This is harder to achieve if you attempt to do your nails yourself, especially when you have to use your non-dominant hand to paint your dominant one. If you want your manicurist to give you great results, especially if you requested an intricate pattern, do not move your hand under any circumstance. And definitely do not reach for your phone after your manicurist just finished painting your nails. This is a recipe to a sloppy nail job or for your nails to become smudged immediately after it gets done. This makes things harder for the manicurist and for you. And if they have to re-do your nails after you moved your hand or touched your phone, your tip should reflect this.

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