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10 Movies That Will Make You Cry Extra Hard Now That You’re A Mom

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I have always been a person who cries easily, particularly during sad movies. In one of the biggest cliches of all time, that ability to lose it at the drop of a hat got even worse for me once I had my first child. It is true that you see the world through a different lens after becoming a parent. Things that once made you upset will probably be amplified now that your heart is in this fragile state of loving someone else so much that it could burst. Here is my (spoiler-filled) list of movies that will make you cry extra hard now that you’re a mom. It’s just science, really.

1. Toy Story Trilogy



These all make me cry but the third one in particular gutted me after having kids. Andy going to college, the toys feeling left behind, remembering my own childhood (I still have my teddy bear…just sayin) and then thinking of MY kids going to college? Jesus, Pixar. Want to pay for my therapy?

2. Home Alone

home alone


I’ve always found this movie to be heart-warming but was overcome the last time I saw it when Kevin’s mom finally gets home to him. She practically moved mountains to make that happen for her baby. Any mom could relate to her desperation and will cry right along with her.

3. Field of Dreams

field of dreams


When Ray plays catch with his own father? When Karin almost chokes on a hot dog? Moments that sort of passed me by before now have me in an all-out Ugly Cry.

4. It’s A Wonderful Life

george bailey


I challenge you to watch the scene where George Bailey takes his frustration out on his family without bawling your eyes out. This scene didn’t really get to me until I became that parent myself. And also, the narrative that George didn’t pursue his big dreams but instead, settled down and had a family. As a young mother myself, that resonates.

5. My Girl

my girl


A tear-jerker when I was in middle school because of the sweet story but as a mom, I felt punched in the stomach seeing Vada in her grief and poor Thomas in his painful death. All kids become your kids once you have a kid. Cheesy and cliche, but true.

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