10 Of The Worst And Most Wasteful Halloween Costumes

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It’s that time of year again! A time where parents the world over lose their freaking minds and spend more on a costume than they would on an entire outfit for themselves. Where all good sense goes out the window and they suddenly find themselves thinking $70 is reasonable for a nylon dress that will be worn for one night. Yes, my friends- we are nearing Halloween and I can already feel my inner cheapskate coming out.

Of course, Halloween costumes can be had cheaply and many parents are very creative at making their own without spending a lot of money. However, many retailers know there are parents desperate to make their little one look totally unique and amazing but have no crafting skills and to that end, the offerings for insanely pricey costumes for little ones are nearly limitless. I have taken it upon myself to gather some of the biggest offenders for you to gasp at. Behold- some of the worst and most wasteful Halloween costumes I have come across:

1. Roar Your Terrible Roar At These $80 Pajamas


via Pottery Barn Kids

This costume is essentially super comfy pajamas with a cheap-looking foil “crown”. For $80. That does not include the sign he will have to wear around his neck to tell people “I’m Max from Where The Wild Things Are” because you know most people will just think it’s a kid in pajamas and a cheap-looking foil “crown”.

2. This Is Cat-astrophic


via Pottery Barn Kids

Someone’s parents are about to be had! For the low, low price of $80, you too can own….black tulle. Oh, and a velour top and headpiece! Wait, how did this end up in my post? It’s a friggin’ bargain!

3. Includes Virtually Nothing!


via Chasing Fireflies

For your $80 price tag, all you get is the dress. The jewelry, treat bag and even hat are not included. So you would probably be out more than $150 when all is said and done. Ironic since gumballs in real life are like, 25 cents.

4. A Web Of Lies


via Chasing Fireflies

All I can think is that this website is catering to rich dummies who do not realize that a slightly less shiny version of this $90 costume can be had at Target for $28. Literally, exactly the same thing. Well, to the discerning eye of a 5-year old boy, at least.

5. I Vant To Suck Your Bank Account Dry


via Chasing Fireflies

Considering your little blood sucker will be wandering around trick-or-treating in the dark, it seems a bit daft to spend $100 on this elaborate vampire costume. If your child owns a pair of black pants and a turtleneck it would seem that a cape could be found for under $30 and, voila. You will avoid a Transylvanian Travesty.

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