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Being On Bed Rest Is Nothing Like A Day At The Spa

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bedrestWhile getting pregnant wasn’t easy, once my twins had leased out my uterus, things were smooth sailing- until I was suddenly sentenced to bed rest. It sounds heavenly, but the truth is being confined to bed 24/7 is anything but relaxing.

Once I got pregnant, my husband came with me to all my OB appointments and each time we were told everything was perfect. After twenty-seven weeks of being pregnant with no issues, I told my husband I was fine going to the doctor by myself. Of course that was the appointment when I found out there was a problem. Although I felt completely fine, ultrasound revealed that my cervix had rapidly shortened, and in an abundance of caution, my doctor ordered me to bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy.

At first I was really excited to have a doctor sanctioned reason to lay around all day. I was tired, my hips were killing me and I was starting to waddle. Plus, I was sick of feeling guilty about that pregnancy yoga DVD I kept telling myself I was going to do. I had seen pregnant woman in online pregnancy forums complaining about how awful bed rest was, and in my ignorance I didn’t understand why they were whining. This was my chance to act like a Greek goddess, and I was going to enjoy every second of it.

The first few days exceeded my wildest expectations. Friends and family came to visit bringing gift baskets full of soft socks, stretchy pajamas, snacks and Ibook gift cards. Phone calls and emails of concern came flooding in. One of my girlfriends even gave me a much needed pedicure. I loved being the center of attention.

Soon the novelty of seeing me doing my best impression of a beached whale faded and everyone went back to their own lives. I quickly became bored of my solitary confinement. The constant pressure on my hip from laying down all the time because so painful it made me cry. I was supposed to lay on my left side whenever possible, so knitting those baby sweaters I had planned on was impossible to do. Even reading and watching movies made me dizzy after a few hours and besides, there are few forms of media you can experience while pregnant without bursting into a hormone induced torrent of tears.

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