Seal Far From Thrilled That The Mother Of His Children Already Has A New Beau

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Heidi KlumHeidi Klum, mother of four, played her stoic role in the modern tragedy that is The Heidi Klum and Seal 2012 Divorce. Her ex and the father of her children famously noted that they would be divorcing with “dignity,” abstaining from any vicious name calling or trashy tabloid headlines. Yet even though the pair seams to have moved through their separation with a PR poise that a Kardashian couldn’t even fathom, Seal is reportedly pissed that Heidi has been spotted with a new fella.

It’s no secret that Heidi has been cosying up to her longtime friend and Germany’s Next Top Model judge Thomas Hayo. The pair have been photographed flirting and being affectionate with Thomas even exchanging a firm handshake with Heidi’s dad. Heidi maintains that the two are just friends, and if I were her, I probably would too considering that she and Seal reportedly made an agreement to not date other people until the divorce was finalized. Considering that Heidi filed earlier this month, that process is far from concluded.

We all have Internet access in this fiercely digital age and that unfortunately includes estranged ex-husbands. Seal reportedly caught wind of those photos of Heidi being spoonfed by her new beau and started fuming. And after striking up a deal with your famous ex-wife to keep her hands to herself — at least while the cameras are going — perhaps for the sake of an impending nasty tabloid narrative, it’s pretty easy to see why.

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