Mom Takes Her Klepto 5-Year-Old To Jail To Teach Her Not To Steal

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shutterstock_143651017__1384291691_142.196.156.251What would you do if you found out your 5-year-old had stolen some candy from the store? I would probably make her return it. The embarrassment and utter horror of having to return to the scene of the crime should do the trick. One mom took to Reddit to explain what she did when she found out her child had stolen some candy. I’m not sure that I would go this far:

I found out that my 5yo daughter stole some candy from the store and stealing is a huge no go in this household! I told her I had no choice but to take her downtown to the jail, where I presented the evidence to the police officer. It was hard for me to keep a straight face while she was super scared but it had to be done and this scare tactic did the trick! Expressing sincere remorse she said sorry, promised never ever to do it again and asked the officer to not put her in jail (this was super cute). The officer went along with it perfectly. He said he accepted the apology, told her stealing was a very bad thing to do and he believes this will never happen again then asked “can count on her to do the right thing from now on?” to which she replied “yes!” quickly followed by a hug and thanks you. I feel confident that this will never happen again! Big thanks to the Puyallup police for being some grade A, Grammy award winning cops.

I wonder what would happen if I tried this in Brooklyn. This is what imagine would transpire:

Hi officer. I know you are super busy, with actual criminals – but could you please pretend that you are going to arrest my 5-year-old?

Get the hell out of here lady. 

It’s just a guess – but I think the cops in Puyallup, Washington, population  38,147 – may have a little more patience for something like this. The population of Brooklyn is 2.5 million. Not sure this little trick would work there.

Also, I’m not sure I want to terrify my child by making her believe I am throwing her in jail – but what do I know. I seriously doubt this little girl will ever steal anything again – or will she? Some of the Redditors weighed in on the matter:

My parents did something similar to my when she was 8. She is a meth addict with a cop fetish now… terrible combination.

Excellent way to instill fear of cops and authority figures in your children.

The mother said she tried the returning-the-candy tactic and it didn’t work. So clearly the obvious next step would be taking her 5-year-old to jail.

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