Mom Nabs Creeps Who Contacted Her Teen On Facebook But She Should Delete Teen’s Account Instead

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shutterstock_147311912__1395330349_142.196.167.223An Ohio mother posed as her 14-year-old daughter and sent messages to older men she saw in her daughter’s friends list on Facebook to see if they would respond in a creepy way. They did. Is anyone surprised that older men who would befriend young teens would be creepy? I’m not. This mom is wasting her time contacting weirdos on the Internet. She should be deleting her daughter’s profile instead.

From  ABC News:

A police report says the mother got on the 14-year-olds Facebook page to monitor what these men are saying to her daughter.

The mother tells us she posed as her daughter and sent messages to two of the men who were requesting to hook up.

“Its sick, it is very sick,” said the teenager’s older cousin.

When the mother posed as her daughter she says she even told them she was 14.

“They just didn’t care,” she said.

As far as I’m concerned, social media and young teens do not mix. Facebook keeps changing its privacy policies leaving teens more vulnerable to strangers contacting them on the Internet. Instead of making our teens experiments – I have an idea; how about we stop letting them have photos on their profiles, or have profiles all together?

Facebook can be confusing, but as far I know you still have to “accept” friend requests, right? You go into your daughters profile and she has a bunch of friends you don’t know who happen to be older men? She’s failed the, “I am mature enough to have a Facebook account” test. She’s not. She doesn’t understand the rules, number one being that you do not befriend strangers on the Internet. Did you teach her these rules, or were you too busy planning your sting operation?

Social media is not safe for young teens. It’s just not. Between the weirdos contacting them on the Internet, the bullying and the stealing of their images for advertising, how much more proof do parents need that teens and social media do not mix? Good for this mom for reporting these men to the police, but when it comes to this topic I’m going to continue to be a broken record; there is no reason why a 14-year-old needs to have an online profile that gives up any information about her/him. If there is a logical reason, I’d love to hear it.

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