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Mom Documents Her Husband’s Nightly Unfinished Wine Routine

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(Unsplash / Thomas Martinsen)

Moms and wine are totally a thing, right? We have a night out, we drink wine. We have a night in, we drink wine. But what about the dads out there? Do they only drink beer and swill scotch? Of course not. There are certainly men out there that enjoy a fine glass of cabernet, or a cool pinot grigio. Only thing is, most of us parents are often too tired to fully enjoy our drink of choice. Cue one Reddit user who’s been documenting her husband’s interesting wine-drinking habits for months, which involve always leaving half a glass behind.

Now, if the thought of unfinished wine makes you tear up a bit, you might not want to see the following images. They can be fairly shocking. Seriously, be prepared. …OK, so they aren’t that bad. But there is a lot of left-over wine involved, and we’re hoping someone eventually finished it off.

See what we mean?

Reddit / miss_izzle

Reddit / miss_izzle

So what’s the deal here? Well, mom of three and Reddit user miss_izzle has a husband who tends to come home from work fairly, well, exhausted. The guy works 6 days a week and is also currently doing undergrad work for a BA in math education. All that on top of being a dad and husband would surely make anyone exhausted.

However, Mr. miss_izzle has a thing for white wine, it seems. So much so, that he looks forward to a nightly glass or two. Surely it helps the man unwind after a long day. Who can blame him? But the thing is, the guy never finishes his wine. Ever. miss_izzle has found this to be quite the source of entertainment, watching as he drinks his first glass, then pours a second…that never, ever gets completely drank.

Sure, it might seem blasphemous to some, but I feel for the guy. I really do.

Being a parent is hard work. When you have a full-time job, it’s not so hard to unwind with a glass or two of chardonnay or what have you. But when your evenings are often interrupted by crying babies, scared toddlers, and/or late-to-come-home teens, rest becomes a precious resource. And our bodies, well, they don’t always care enough to stay alert for a second helping of that lovely nectar.

Thanks to miss_izzle for sharing (and her husband for hopefully being a good sport about his face being plastered all over the internet).