The ‘Stoner Mom’ Blogs to Reduce Stigma for Cannabis-Using Parents

Ever notice just how many jokes there are regarding moms drinking wine? It’s as if the minute we have children, we’re issued a lifetime subscription to the Wine of the Month club. And everyone seems to normalize it. We are stressed out by the pressures of motherhood (understandably), and so, we drink wine. Of course, not every mom drinks wine. Some drink craft beer, vodka, or scotch. Some don’t drink at all. And others use cannabis. That’s right. Lots of moms use cannabis, and there’s nothing wrong with that. At least, that’s certainly the position of Kathryn VanEaton, a.k.a. the Stoner Mom.

In a recent profile by ABC 10 Sacramento, VanEaton made it clear that she’s not only a pot-smoking mama, but that she feels it’s important to reduce the stigma around pot and parenting. The stay-at-home mom has been blogging for years, and more recently, has become a vocal advocate for other stoner moms. VanEaton, who says she uses cannabis both medicinally and recreationally, started her blog, The Stoner Mom, in 2014. She hopes it will help other moms come out of the canna-closet, so to speak.

But Why?

”Cannabis users have to be adults, obviously, but adults are very often parents. If there’s even the inkling that you might be misunderstood as a mother, persecuted as a mother, have your children taken away, God forbid, or even just have your community judge you as a bad mother, those are all deal breakers for moms,” VanEaton told ABC 10.

“There’s really no option. A responsible mom in a legal state can’t come out. It looks bad on her as a mom.”

VanEaton has an advantage, of course. She lives in Colorado, the first state in the country to legalize recreational cannabis. But with so many other states legalizing the beneficial plant, it’s high time to start reducing the hate toward canna-friendly parents.

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The Stoner Mom currently runs a podcast as well as a popular YouTube channel, which currently boasts over 23k subscribers. Among her most popular videos are one on How To Smoke Weed From A Pipe, How To Use Bong, and The Easiest Way To Roll A Joint.

From one Colorado-based mama to another, I can definitely get behind VanEaton’s efforts on reducing stigma.

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