Stingy Mom Calls Babysitter An “Ungrateful B*tch” After She Quits Over $2.50/Hr Pay

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Figuring out how much to pay a babysitter can be awkward. Since a lot of these jobs are paid under-the-table without taxes withheld, typically the rate for service depends on what someone is willing to accept based on their level of experience. One mother got a rude awakening after going on a Facebook rant when her babysitter quit to take a job at Walmart, telling the mother that she “can’t afford to work for [her] anymore.”

During a Facebook exchange posted to Reddit, a mother complains, saving that she’s “LIVID” over her babysitter quitting when she paid her $100 per week for a 9-5 job.

“[I] get a text from her saying she’s applying to walmart and that she ‘can’t afford to work for me anymore’? … she’s not paying me anything, i’M PAYING HER, what do you mean afford? … have fun working longer hours for LESS PAY you ungrateful b*tch,” the woman wrote. “now i’m stuck without childcare. all the daycares in my area are super expensive and every time i have posted an ad on a local buy and sell, people have left really mean comments. i’m getting desperate. i can’t balieve she’d put me in this spot. this is risking my livelihood [sic], i thought she was my friend!”

One commenter then pointed out that the woman’s current rate was $2.50, well below minimum wage. But the woman feels certain that with taxes taken out at the Walmart job, “she’ll learn to regret [quitting]. she should feel ashamed.”

To make matters worse, the babysitter chimed in on the Facebook exchange, claiming she “will make WAY more money working LESS hours at walmart, without your WHINY kids that scream HALF THE DAY… taxers won’t drive my earnings down to 2.50 an hour, [your] math is wrong.” And here’s the stinker: The babysitter claims that her employer bought a new Lexus and when asked about re-evaluating her compensation said she couldn’t afford it. “you are rude and entitled. your kids deserve better,” she wrote.

You can read the whole exchange below:

Choosing beggar

How much to pay a babysitter is always a source of debate. A post on The Simple Dollar explains “Why I Won’t Pay $15 an Hour for a Babysitter,” explaining that minimum wage in her area is $7.25 (in 2016, when the post was written) and that “a date-night babysitting shift” is “pretty cushy compared to a fast-food or retail job.” In 2017, a full-time nanny for two-year-old twins asked on if her $225/week wage was fair for 40 hours — all responders said no. According to ZipRecruiter, the average nanny salary is between $12.26 and $17.34, depending on the state.

Can’t help but wonder if those “really mean comments” the original poster received on her job posting had to do with the completely illegal salary she was offering for the care of her children.