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“Target Tori” Raises 34K After Harassment Over Toothbrush — Pledges To Donate It To Charity

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Target Tori 35K Donations


Target Tori,” as she’s now known has become an online sensation after a quote-unquote “award-winning journalist” David Leavitt posted a photo of her online while on the job because she refused to sell him an electronic toothbrush for one cent. You read that right. David said “Tori refused to sell [him] the toothbrush for displayed price,” which, for what it’s worth, was the price of the DISPLAY toothbrush. He later claimed he hadn’t been able to go to the dentist for over three years and was “thrilled” to see a toothbrush for “such an amazing price.”

The thread is something to gawk at but many were upset that he used an unauthorized picture of her during his “douchey” rant.

But it seems like the internet is going to win on this one because a GoFundMe started for Target Tori raised just under $35K in four days to send her “on a vacation.” The donations come with well-wishes like, “Sorry you had to go through this Tori, but glad for the good it has brought out in people. Enjoy your vacation!” and “I am a former Target Team Member, Store #0807, Product Specialist. Can’t applaud you enough for standing up for what is right and not caving to this ruthless @sshole.”

Tori even started a Twitter to thank donors, and said, “these acts of kindness cannot stop with me.” She continued, “I am currently working with resources to find a cause that is worthy of your generosity and something that you would ALL be proud to donate to.”

Bet David Leavitt sure wishes he was the one who got $35K. Then he could buy himself a toothbrush, you know, for the actual price.