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New John Legend Video That Celebrates Diversity In Beauty Will Leave You A Sobbing Mess

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I hope John Legend finds sobbing women with smeary eye makeup attractive because that’s what this new video for his song You And I (Nobody In The World) results in. let’s break it down, shall we? We have older women, younger women, little girls, women with mastectomies, pregnant women, thinner women, bigger women, a gorgeous little girl getting her ears pierced, weight lifting women, chemotherapy women, broken nose women, going out women, going to work women and the astoundingly gorgeous Laverne Cox taking off her makeup.

To be honest, I don’t know much about John Legend besides he is swoony but now he is a million times more swoony for creating this gorgeous video.

If you are anything like me, then you may possibly be having a day where you don’t feel like you look your prettiest and your hair may be doing something stupid and you also may have dribbled coffee on your T-shirt. So this one goes out to you all. I don’t know how women get over those ugly little voices in our heads but ever since I gave birth to a daughter I’m trying to be less critical of myself, especially out loud, so I don’t pass any of this bad voodoo onto her. I want her to feel as empowered and as pretty as this song and video make me feel. Can we all start a John Legend fan club or something?

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