Slap Happy Mom Slaps Kid She Thought Was Her Son Before Realizing Mistake And Slapping Own Son To Ground

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mom arrested for slapping wrong kidTyshekka Collier may need some anger management classes or some time bonding with her actual son after she mistook some other kid for her son and slapped him. She had planned on slapping her real son but slapped the wrong kid and after apologizing for her mistake she slapped her own son to ground.

Tyshekka shouldn’t go around slapping kids at all, but if she absolutely feels the need to slap a kid (Yipes!) then she should always make sure it is her own kid. From the Huffington Post: 

On Wednesday, the 36-year-old South Carolina mother showed up at her son’s middle school after the boy had been suspended. When she got there, she slapped a child she mistook for her son before finding her intended victim and hitting him, according to the report obtained by The Huffington Post.

Collier allegedly apologized to her first victim, who was in the office waiting to be picked up because he was sick.


Oh man, I feel bad for both of these slapped kids but that poor mistaken identity kid was just sitting in the office, all sick and waiting to be picked up, and this lady comes in and slaps him and all he probably wanted to do was go home with his mom and sleep on the sofa. I’m sure she was angry her own son was suspended from school, but just to go off slapping random kids, and using that as a for of punishment, I do not get it. Internets! Hep me understand this sort of parenting!

I’m sure you all can guess that I’m not a fan of slapping kids, unless they like, you know, make a really long video laughing about a rape victim, and I think this mom may not be the best mom if she is just going around and slapping random kids due to her anger. Colliers three children are now in protective custody.

(Image: Spartanburg County Detention Center)