Forget Babysitting, This Brilliant And Patient Middle Schooler Figured Out The Best Part-Time Job Ever

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desmojndIf I learned anything from watching children’s cartoons, it is that a hard-working child with a good idea and an entrepreneurial spirit will inevitably grow up to be a kabillionaire. Scrooge McDuck started out shining shoes for dimes, and I am pretty sure that means one Austin middle-schooler is about five years from swimming around in a silo of gold coins, because this kid is a genius.

According to Eater, a middle school kid named Desmond has started a business he calls “BBQ Fast Pass.” Basically, you can hire Desmond to wait in line for you at Franklin Barbecue, the renowned Austin barbecue restaurant that commands very long lines that start in the early morning every day they are open. Desmond has a chair and a free weekend, and he will just hang out in line in exchange for money so you don’t have to. When he gets near the front, he will switch places with you. Desmond has been operating since March and just got a new website up yesterday. Desmond writes:

“Franklin Barbeque has been voted the best BBQ in the world by many food critics. It really is the best BBQ you will ever have. But, if you want to try it for yourself, there is a FIVE HOUR line, rain or shine. And even if you do wait in line, there is no guarantee that they won’t sell out before you get to the front. But there is a way that you can get delicious Franklin BBQ WITHOUT WAITING IN LINE. Get your BBQ Fast Pass! For a fee, I get in line while you’re still asleep, wait in line until I get to the front of the counter and switch off with you. No waiting for you!”

Desmond is a genius. Franklin Barbecue is insanely popular, and there’s often even more work than Desmond can deal with. His Twitter feed is peppered with announcements telling customers that he is booked for the weekend and they will have to schedule him a week or more in the future.

Desmond says he started BBQ Fast Pass because he wants to buy a car someday, presumably once he’s old enough to drive. He also donates five percent of his proceeds to the Austin Dog Rescue, where he got his dog.

Desmond seems like a good kid with a great idea. Franklin’s lines are likely to keep him in business for the foreseeable future, so Desmond can keep working as long as his patience holds out. I wish I had been this entrepreneurial when I was a kid. I hope my kids are this entrepreneurial in the future.

This is not the first time some smart children have learned to take advantage of hungry adults standing in line for food. Not long ago a table of Girl Scouts set up their opposite the Franklin line. Presumably they made a killing.