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Anonymous Kid: Polyamorous People HAVE To Be Responsible About Birth Control

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Anonymous Kid is a 17-year-old who is the daughter of polyamorous parents. 

I read PolyMom’s latest article with great interest. I was quite surprised and dismayed by the naivety displayed and her subsequent justification. She explained it away by saying, “I trust my partner.” When in a polyamorous relationship, trusting just the one partner isn’t enough because the web often extends far beyond the scope of just one or two other people. I know that from dealing with my biological parents. The woman who gave birth to me was in no less than three or four relationships with other polyamorous people. Her girlfriend was the same way and worse at times. Guess what? That means they were exposed to God knows what every time they were intimate with one of them. I heard her girlfriend [jokingly] say she had a “friendly vagina” one day. Whatever that is. They may have trusted their partners, but who is to say that their partner’s partners or their partners were doing right and wrapping it up? I was privy to both of them engaging in risky activity like one-night stands and friends with benefits.


I’m just a teenager, but I know full and well that the “pull out,” “rhythm,” or any other methods don’t EVER prevent diseases, and pregnancy is still a real possibility. As long as you have functioning organs and he’s not shooting blanks, pregnancy can happen. If a woman can still get pregnant after having a tubal or even a partial hysterectomy, it’s common sense that a pregnancy can occur at other times, too. A vasectomy isn’t fool proof either. I’m also not simple enough to buy into the notion that the only time a woman can conceive is during the period of ovulation either. Thus, when I do become sexually active, I’m not going to take chances. I’m not ready to be a mother. I need to know myself before I can call myself somebody’s mama.

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