Mexican Superstar, Thalia, Sued Because Pregnancy Violated Endorsement Contract

Well, Hilary Duff isn’t going to be alone in the ‘Unemployable When Pregnant’ category. Mexican superstar, Thalia,  gave birth to her second child in June. As a congratulatory gift, Genomma Lab International is suing the starlet for breach of contract.  Thalia wasn’t going to need to perform any stunts or pretend to be a bank robber, but apparently “the image of a pregnant woman doesn’t correspond to the one stipulated in a contract.”

The timing confuses me more about this lawsuit than anything else. If the musician couldn’t perform her duties endorsing creams, why not terminate her contract when she first got pregnant? Instead, they continued to pay her for the entire pregnancy, then sued after she had given birth.

In the end, Thalia’sdismissal from the endorsement deal isn’t nearly the career blow that being dropped from a movie role is for Duff. Obviously, the singer is doing just fine with Genomma Lab International. And one can only expect that she will continue to do so.

One lasting impact of these two high-profile cases, I have a feeling that Hollywood stars and the companies that hire them will be paying more attention to pregnancy contingencies in their contracts than ever before. And we learned that even selling millions of albums doesn’t always make your pregnancy acceptable. Geez, Beyonce, you really are one of a kind!

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