Mermaid Skeleton Is The New Halloween Decor Obsession

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mermaid skeleton

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Halloween brings out a certain type of people who love to outdo their neighbors for decorations. It’s basically the new Christmas light fight — who on the block can come up with the scariest way to decorate their house? Which house will be the one neighbors and kids talk about for years after because the spook factor was just right? If this sounds like something that you strive for, this mermaid skeleton is about to level up your Halloween decor.

If you’re a little extra and you love mermaids — this mermaid skeleton is exactly what you need this Halloween.

The product description of this amazing Halloween decor sets up why everyone needs one of these perfectly. “You ever wonder what a mermaid skeleton would look like? No? Well, we did! Add this mermaid skeleton to a spooky Halloween scene!” Available for purchase on Oriental Trading, the site says this mermaid skeleton is, “a great addition to your Halloween decorations, you can add it to your porch display or spook your Halloween party guests inside!”

This isn’t no little mermaid skeleton decoration either, it’s huge. 

It’s around 6 feet tall, so big the site recommends that you “go all out” with setting up the decoration scene — like the photo above. The reviews are great saying this plastic is easily bendable so you can pose this bad boy in the perfect way to scare your guests. There are some people who style this like above, a ship version with a pirate feel. Or you can zombie-ify the mermaid and really gore out. Other people have suggested hanging her from the ceiling.

As you can imagine, this product is selling out fast. It’s no longer available on Amazon, and there is no estimate for when or if it will be back in stock. Oriental Trading has these on sale now for $59.98, but they’re on back order until October 17th.

If you’re a fan of the look of this mermaid skeleton, but can’t get a hold of this one in time, there are some pretty kick butt mermaid wreaths that you can decorate your door with instead.

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Or go more with the typical Halloween colors:

If you have one of these, please share a photo on Instagram and tag us so we can see it. We’re borderline obsessed!

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