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How Are Starbucks Cups The Controversial Ones, When McDonald’s Holiday Cups Look Like This?

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Every year, sometimes multiple times a year, evangelical Christians vent their wounded feelings and organize a couple boycotts of Starbucks for doing things like supporting equal rights, persecuting Christians by making holiday cups that aren’t quite festive enough, or spreading ebola by letting gay people drink pumpkin spice lattes. At first the cup kerfuffle sounded like a silly joke, but now it’s practically a holiday tradition. “Put up the lights. Plug in the electric blankets. Laugh at people getting upset about Starbucks cups. It’s the happiest time of the year!”

But this year, while everyone was paying attention to Starbucks’ holiday cups, nobody noticed that McDonald’s holiday cups were downright x-rated:



Whoa! Um. Yes. That does look just like a butt. Suddenly the placement of “Warmest Greetings” seems a bit inappropriate.

Of course McDonald’s did not actually put a silhouette of a person’s ass on its holiday cups, but now it’s impossible to see anything else. Fantasy author Sam Sykes, who posted this on Twitter, pointed out that the “hand” part was drawn on, but even without it, it’s tough to tell what this cup was ever supposed to be.

After some sleuthing and a lot of people trying to turn off the dirty parts of their brains, the answer was discovered: It’s mittens! It’s supposed to be a pair of warm, cozy mittens.

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.42.26


Hm. Nope. Still looks like a butt. The butt is seared into my brain. Once the butt is seen, it can no longer be unseen.