Man Who Beat Kids Unconscious Gets One Year In Jail And The World Gets A Rage Headache

Brandon QuinnA Wisconsin man has been sentenced to one year in jail and five years probation after beating two children unconscious with a spatula, spoon, and hammer. No, seriously, that’s what he got. He could have been sentenced to a maximum of 25 years, but the second count of child abuse was dismissed. On a related note, nothing in the world makes sense anymore.

Brandon Quinn of Janesville was the boyfriend of the children’s mother, Karen Little. He is not the children’s father, so at least they have that going for them. On July 1st, while Little was at work, Quinn got drunk and beat her seven-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter bloody. According to a babysitter who lived with them in the home (and was too terrified of Quinn to intervene), he made the children lay their hands on a cutting board and then hit them repeatedly with a spatula. He also beat them with a hammer, kicked them, choked them, made them take their clothes off and hit them on their genitals.

One year. One year in prison.

According to the court transcript, Quinn feels super bad about what he did:

”I obviously need counseling to figure out why I did what I did. I’m sorry for it. Can’t do anything about it; but I’m trying to move forward.”

It’s okay, y’all, he’s trying to move forward. Nothing a little counseling won’t fix. Just needs to understand himself a little better. So, everything’s cool here, right? Wrong.

Little, the children’s mother, is furious about the sentence and is calling it “a complete failure of the justice system” because it is. The Deputy District Attorney (DDA) and the Assistant District Attorney (ADA) struck a plea deal for Quinn because — wait for it – he doesn’t have a prior record. They also didn’t want to traumatize the children by making them testify against Quinn. Certainly, that part is understandable. But with the testimony of the babysitter and what the children have already said, not to mention their obvious injuries, isn’t that enough to say that this is a man who needs to be locked up for a very, very long time?

Perry Folts, the DDA, is hopeful that, you know, they’ll get him next time.

“The guy’s on probation for five years,” Folts said. “If he doesn’t succeed on probation, we’ll have another shot at him, and we’ll certainly take a different approach at that point.”

Certainly they will. Next time.

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