Florida Couple Arrested In Bizarre Child Abuse Case


child abuser polk countyA Florida couple have confessed to police to torturing two kids who were in their care. The couple in question, Jessica Rowland and Sean Pearson, allegedly subjected a 12-year-old girl and 11-year-old boy to “cruel and unusual punishment,” according to The New York Daily News. This includes locking the 12-year-old in a closet, shaving her head and forcing pills down her throat, among other atrocities. Seriously, I can’t even muster a Florida joke here. WTF is wrong with these monsters?

The couple were arrested late this week after a deputy stopped by their home due to a disturbance call when the 12-year-old victim called 911. They now face six counts of aggravated child abuse and false imprisonment. Sheriff Grady Judd basically sums up what everyone who has even remotely heard this story is thinking:

”The abuse of these children at the hands of these suspects is egregious. These suspects have no business taking care of children.”

This suspects have no business taking care of a goldfish, let alone a kid. According to The Daily News, investigators believe that Pearson, a former felon and all around douche extraordinaire, is responsible for the majority of the abuse. Other allegations being levied at them include bizarrely forcing the kids to sit on a can of vegetables until “their buttocks went numb” and tying the 12-year-old’s wrists together and hanging her on a beam.

The most sickening allegation is that Rowland and Pearson forced the children to fight each other, and taunted them if they refused. Ugh.

Apparently Pearson is not only a felon, but was actually arrested back in 2005 and convicted of child abuse. Which begs the question, how the fuck did these kids end up with them?

(Photo: Polk County Sheriffs Office)

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