Out Of This World Brave 11-Year-Old Goes Public With Being Molested By Grandfather

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breannhillWhile media outlets are touting the word “brave” to describe women who wear a bikini while pregnant, 11-year-old Breann Hill is putting her own face to the pervasiveness of inter-family molestation. This little girl is not only superhuman for getting vocal within her own family — a herculean effort for anybody– but also for speaking into a microphone about it. interviewed young Breann about her ordeal and incredible strength:

…a year-and-a-half ago, then 10-year old Breann was brave enough to go to her mother and tell her what happened while her grandfather, the man who molested her, sat in the very same room. “Mom, someone touched me inappropriately last night,” she said. Her grandfather immediately walked out of the room. Breann’s mom Cyndi sat stunned, trying to catch her breath and process what her eldest daughter was revealing.

How these parents handled this crisis is exemplary. First, they believed their daughter because, as her dad Russ told me, “Breann had no reason to make something like that up.”  Secondly, they immediately took all their kids out of that house and drove the 14 hours home… in silence.  Thirdly, they actually pressed charges against Russ’s dad, Breann’s grandfather.  But that alone didn’t remedy the pain of their new reality.  Breann told me, “I’ll never be the same.”

From this report alone, it’s fairly to easy to see why Breann is so badass given that she clearly comes from equally stand up parents. No denial, no delegitimizing their child’s claims. Just undeniable support and instant distance from the alleged perpetrator.

HLNTV will be airing the interviewing tomorrow at 12 and 4 p.m. EST. Tune in and support true bravery.