Plug Pulled On PMS Got Milk Campaign, One Less Sexist Ad To Explain To The Kids

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The California Milk Processor Board has announced that they will not be going forward with their new sexist “Got Milk?” ad campaign that featured boyfriends and husbands presenting cartons of milk to angry PMSing wives and girlfriends. The ad’s website now redirects to a new url that reads “” The website features quotes (with links) from criticism in the press as well as from social media sites. The written apology from the company acknowledges that their ad was “misguided,” but they also mange to credit themselves with “open[ing] up a topic that affects women, of course, but also relationships.”

Conversations about PMS and men’s “endurance” of such a condition have been happening in the media long before this campaign in the form of elbowed winks and nods between male characters on popular TV shows and other slightly older advertisements. But perhaps the overt nature of these women-hating ads will nudge parents into keeping a keener eye out for other tasteless and demeaning cultural messages about women that their children will be confronted with. As for this one, cross it off your list.