Swanky Brooklyn Ballet Studio Offers Gated VIP Stroller Parking

stroller parkingThose of you who have dipped your toes into Amy Sohn‘s novel Motherland will remember a very specific portion of the plot in which fancy strollers are being stolen left and right in the posh Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope. But one Brooklyn neighborhood ballet studio hopefully won’t have such fictional problems in that they will keep your deluxe stroller under lock and key — in the stroller parking.

DNAinfo.com reports that Cobble Hill Ballet in Carroll Gardens has a “parking lot [that] is reserved for VIBs ”” very important babies.” Read: privileged ballerina babies.The newly renovated studio reportedly debuted “a gated-in stroller parking section next to the building.”

The studio’s owner says that she understandably doesn’t want strollers going up and down her building’s stairs for safety reasons. But in swanky upper class Brooklyn neighborhoods like Carroll Gardens, you can’t exactly go leaving your $1,200 stroller where plebeians may paw at it. You have to protect that unit:

The studio’s owners created the space to give parents a safe place to leave their strollers while they accompany their kids to the second floor dance space at 232 Carroll St., said Colette Linton-Meyer, the school’s owner.

Clearly, the CrossFit studio for toddlers needs to get on this ASAP.

(photo: brainwise)

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