Boy Does A Bored Face-Plant On An Oval Office Couch Because Kids Are Awesome


This photo of a boy driven by boredom to do a face-plant on an oval office couch is going viral and making me wish I could be a kid again.

The set of photos was just released on the White House official Flickr page. In June, President Obama met with the boy’s parents — his father is a Secret Service agent who was leaving the White House. We see the couple all dressed up for a meeting with the President. We see their son, dressed up too. With his face shoved into the couch. I’m sorry, I love this.

There are things that make me wish I could remember my early childhood. I would love to relive my toddler years. Can you imagine having people follow you around all day, trying to get you to eat and take a nap? God, I wish I had memories of that. It’s true — youth is wasted on the young. This image just reminds me that the thing we complain about with kids — how hard they are to control — is also the thing that makes them amazing.

I’d love to be able to yell NO! in the middle of an annoying work meeting. Or just start walking out of a room when I was bored with everyone in it. I mean, I could technically do these things I guess, but it would be nice to be able to do them without everyone thinking I was an asshole.

What is that cliche saying, “You hate most in others what you despise about yourself” or something? Kids annoy the general public because they are constantly doing things everyone wishes they could get away with. We all have an inner toddler — that’s what I’m realizing. The kid yelling on the bus, the kid kicking your seat because he’s uncomfortable on an airplane, the kid who does not want to let go of that shiny toy his mom can’t afford — we’re all kind of that kid inside. We’ve just learned how to control our inner jerk. Most kids haven’t learned that yet. And God bless ’em.

This kid did a face plant on a White House couch behind the President. He couldn’t be bothered to shake the President’s hand. He was thinking, “This place sucks. I’m bored.”

I love him.

(photo: Twitter)

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