Mom Who Went from Homeless to Making Six Figures Shot Execution-Style in Front of Children

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A Florida mom was shot, execution style in front of her three children and possibly other family members Thursday. Makeva Jenkins had just posted on Facebook only hours before about her journey from being homeless to making six figures. A masked suspect entered her house in Lake Worth in the middle of the night according to a statement from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. While a CBS News affiliate reports she was shot in front of her children, the police department wasn’t able to confirm the claims at the time of the statement.

What Happened?

“Once inside an altercation took place resulting in the female victim being shot,” said the police statement. “The suspect fled in one of the family owned vehicle’s which was later found abandoned a short distance away.” Jenkins died after being taken to the hospital.

Jenkins managed a business consulting company, according to her social media account. As a result, she was making a more than adequate living, which she attributed to her hard work. “I can’t make this up. I work hard because I have to. My life depends on it. I don’t ever want to be homeless again. That was a bad feeling. I learned a lot through that storm.” She wrote in a Facebook post about the financial business class she inquired about taking in 2011.

“Fast forward to now: We overcame being homeless in 2013/2014 to reaching my six figure mark in 2015 to now making multi six figures. No matter what the road looked like, I followed my heart and stuck with it growing my business.”

In a different post on Facebook, she shared a photo of her bank deposits, some more large sums of money, calling them “lit.” She obviously had reasons to be proud.

It’s still too early to tell exactly why the suspect chose Jenkins’ house, some would be led to believe that her newfound wealth may have been a factor. Currently, the police do not believe that it was a financially motivated break-in. The case is still very active, and in the meantime, Jenkins’ husband and family ask for privacy as they process this difficult loss.

(Image: Facebook / Makeva Jenkins)