Low-Energy Dogs That Are Perfect For Families With Kids

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boy and pug dog

Image: iStock / morrowlight

Cats and kittens can be cuddly and cute, but there’s a reason people call dogs “man’s best friend.” Dogs are so comforting and intuitive when it comes to their owners, and tame, low-energy dogs can make the best companions. They’re fiercely loyal, and some would say, the perfect furry friend. It’s all about the kind of dog you choose and how well their temperament matches your own.  Consider this: If you’re an easy-Sunday-morning type, you probably wouldn’t want a Siberian Husky. Huskies are beautiful and exotic-looking, but they’re high-energy and high-maintenance. They also require a lot of physical exercise and structured daily activities to keep them from getting into things around the house — like your new shoes. All dogs require work, but you want a dog that can match your energy and activity level.  Check out our list of low-energy dog breeds that ONLY require the basic needs of any dog (shelter, love, food, and some kind of exercise).

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