Don’t Throw Out Those Holiday Cards Just Yet! Why Not ‘Upcycle’ Them Instead?

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It never fails: you order a bunch of holiday cards, send out about half, and end up tossing the rest. But why be wasteful? If one of your resolutions for 2018 was to throw away less money, this is the genius hack for you. Hacked holiday cards: turn that Merry Christmas into a Happy Birthday, with nothing but a pen and some ingenuity!

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Hacked holiday cards are the ultimate in “upcycling”. Or, you know, just really fucking funny.

There really is no end to how many ways you can re-purpose those extra cards. Weddings, new babies, even condolence cards! Some people may scoff at getting an obviously well-thought out and personal card for their special event, but maybe those people don’t deserve a card. Just sayin’.

hacked holiday cards

Image: Twitter/@joeheenan

It took a while for greeting card companies to get on the gay marriage bandwagon, so you’re better off making your own. Bonus points if it’s a winter wedding!

hacked holiday cards

Image: Twitter/@joeheenan

I see no lies here?

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