Lame Logic: Public Breastfeeding The Same As Pulling Down Your Pants

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The ‘lactivists’ who took to breastfeeding their babies in Georgia now have some companions in Chicago. Mothers took to a DeKalb resale shop in the Chicago area with their babes in tow after a breastfeeding mom was asked to leave the store. As predicted, the argument was made by an employee that a woman feeding her infant was the equivalent of him whipping out his penis to passersby.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the owner of the store is in support of breastfeeding but he suggested to the woman that she refrain from breastfeeding in his store in the future. Then, an employee had this rather choice remark:

“It’s just as improper for a woman to expose her breasts as it is improper for me to go out in the street and pull down my pants,” said Ben Vanderroest, 31, who works at the resale shop and supports his boss’ sentiments.

What’s ridiculous about this type of reasoning is that it compares the feeding of children to public indecency– comparing mothers dedicated to nourishing their babes to people accused of masturbating publicly or exposing themselves with the intent to intimidate or harass. The mere exposure of a breast, despite its function to feed infants, is automatically deemed an erotic, and therefore “indecent” act. Until lower anatomy proves to have some child-nourishing benefits, we can safely shelve this logic.