Mother Delivers Baby ‘Big Gulp’ In 7-Eleven Parking Lot

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Maybe it’s a Colorado thing. One of my best friends from there delivered her second child under crazy circumstances. She woke up a week or so before her due date with the feeling that maybe she shouldn’t have had that bacon double cheeseburger she snarfed down earlier in the day. At this point, I’m compelled to mention that this woman is so unbelievably gorgeous that she is routinely mistaken for a certain celebrity.

So she moves to the bathroom for a few minutes and then realizes that the discomfort she’s feeling has absolutely nothing to do with what she ate. That baby was coming. She woke up her husband and had him put the older girl in the car. By the time he came back to get her into the car, the baby was coming out. And that’s how little E.S. was born on the floor of her parents kitchen.

These are not people who you would have thought “I bet they could deliver their own child together with no medical intervention.” But they did it like champions. That baby was healthy and by the time paramedics arrived, everyone complimented them on how well they’d handled everything.

I also rather enjoyed this story of a Colorado labor and delivery nurse not making it to the hospital in time:

Husband Jim Cravener pulled the Dodge Durango into a 7-Eleven parking lot in Breckenridge on Monday and, with the help of firefighters and paramedics, Lisa delivered a healthy boy in the front seat.

“It’s a baby!” the amazed big sister declared as the newborn cried.

The ecstatic Cravener family proudly displayed baby Hunter for news cameras inside St. Anthony’s Summit Medical Center in Frisco on Wednesday.

“You always prefer it to be in the hospital, but that wasn’t the case,” said Lindsay Nelson, with Summit County Paramedic Services. Nelson delivered Hunter. “Walked up and the baby came about two minutes later.”

I’m not sure what Mother Cravener’s experience was but my girlfriend said delivering her baby this way was so much easier than her first delivery, which included induction and lots of drugs. Both deliveries went great but she said she felt like she could have gone back to work the day after on the second delivery.

And yet, I don’t think I’ll try this for my next delivery.