Brilliant Restaurant Makes It Socially Acceptable for Adults to Order Off the Kids’ Menu

The deep fried potato chips and chicken nuggets on the white disWe adults are supposed to be all sophisticated and elegant and mature. We drink wine and eat smelly cheese and don’t need to be told to eat our vegetables. But let’s be honest, sometimes we go to the fancy restaurant and we really just want to order the chicken tenders with dipping sauce. Dipping sauce! Do you remember dipping sauce? Dipping sauce was so much fun. I don’t remember the last time I got to dip something.

To capitalize on that sense of childlike nostalgia and the fact that chicken tenders and dipping sauce are delicious, one high-end Kyoto restaurant has just created a “Kids’ special for adults,” which is designed to allow adults to eat chicken fingers without the embarrassment of trying to convince a waiter to serve them something off the kids’ menu.

According to Rocket News 24, Cotelette in Kyoto has put the kids’ special on the adult menu for just $11. It comes with a hamburger patty, a deep-fried shrimp, a croquette filled with crab and cream sauce, and a deep-fried and breaded pork cutlet. It also comes with rice and miso soup and unlimited trips to the self-serve soda fountain, where the staff will not even look at you funny if you decide to try making an “uber cola” by mixing all the sodas in your glass.

That all sounds pretty good. No wonder kids like that stuff. A lot of restaurants lately have been debating whether or not they should have kids’ menus at all. Sure, they’re full of simple, unsophisticated, generally unhealthful stuff. But maybe when they get rid of the kids’ menus they should just fold the chicken tenders into the regular adult menu so that the parents can have it. Now all we need is a set of crayons so we can draw on the paper tablecloth, and for somebody to make it socially acceptable for me to order macaroni and cheese instead of vegetables. If the macaroni and cheese can be fried into a nugget shaped like a dinosaur, that would be great.

(Photo: fon_thachakul/iStockPhoto/Getty Images)

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