Couple Lands Right in the Royal Baby Media Frenzy Trying to Leave Hospital With Their Newborn

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I don’t know whether I would laugh or cry. Probably both! But mostly cry. In case you missed it, Prince William and Duchess Catherine welcomed their third child yesterday, a baby boy. Royal baby watch was at a fever pitch, and people lost their damn minds. Even though this is the THIRD child for the royal couple. But it’s exciting! Princes being born! Princess Charlotte had herself a banner day too, with a new baby brother and the news that she’s still ahead of him in line for the throne. But, as it turns out, there were other women having babies at the same hospital yesterday, too. And one couple found themselves in the midst of the royal baby media frenzy when they were just trying to get their newborn home.

As the media waited outside the hospital to catch William and Kate leaving with the new royal baby, another couple was also trying to make their getaway. And they maybe were a little blindsided by the hearty welcome.

Now. LISTEN. This poor woman either just pushed a human out of her vagina, or had her abdomen sliced open to get it out.

Either way, she was probably a wee bit sore! Not to mention tired. And she opens the door to find the world’s press just waiting there. She was probably like, what the actual fuck, I have to smile right now?!

“What … do we do?” “I have no fucking idea. Stand here and smile, I suppose?”

Seriously, this is not a surprise I would have enjoyed, LOL. Let me take my still-looking-pregnant ass home and put some ice on my destroyed cooter, please.

I will say, the assembled press was very sweet and kind to this lovely couple. And just imagine THAT page in the baby book! Congratulations to the pre-royal couple couple!

(Image: Twitter / @JamesAALongman)