This Dude Caught a Pokemon in the Delivery Room While His Wife Was Giving Birth

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Pokemon Go debuted just a couple days ago, and the whole world was immediately obsessed with it. One of the more fun elements of the game is that it puts Pokemon around the real world, which means there is nigh endless opportunity to find Pokemon in weird places and post pictures of them on one’s cat, or on one’s TV, or someplace like that. The ultimate winner of that game, however, goes to this dude who found a Pidgey hopping around the hospital delivery room while his wife was giving birth.

“When your wife is about to have a baby and a Pokemon shows up and you have to low-key catch it,” the new dad and Pokemon master posted to Reddit’s Pokemon Go forum.

According to Buzzfeed, Jonathan Theriot was in the hospital with his wife, Jessica, waiting for her C-section. This is their third baby, so they’re both old pros at this whole “having a baby” thing, and while they were waiting around, Theriot was looking at his new Pokemon Go game and saw a Pidgey in the room.

“As soon as it popped up, I was like, oh my gosh, there’s a Pidgey sitting on your bed!” he said. “So, I screenshotted it, then caught it and showed it to her.”

She was not at all annoyed when he showed her that he’d captured a Pidgey in her hospital room.  She just sort of laughed and rolled her eyes. (OK, she’d probably have been more impressed if it were a bigger Pokemon, but Pidgeys are at least pretty cute.) 

But man, I don’t care how many Pidgeys Theriot finds in his Pokemon career, he can never trade this one away for a higher-powered one. In fact, I think he should just focus on training up that Pidgey until it is the ultimate, most powerful Pidgey in the world. 

The Theriots wound up with a new Pidgey and also a new baby girl named Ireland Sage Theriot, but there’s probably a good chance everyone will just call her Pidgey.